Your car is one of the precious assets you have. This means that if anything goes wrong with it, you want it to be checked out as soon as possible. Question is, where do you take your care for repairs or maintenance checks? Such a question brings in many factors into the picture.

Convenience – Ease of transacting business when vehicle maintenance is required can be the most important factor to the vehicle owner. People are so pressed for time these days that the effort involved in vehicle drop off and delivery can be the determining factor and ultimately result in which repair shop earns a customer’s business. Offering shuttle service, loaner cars, rental cars and valet service are opportunities for shops to set themselves apart from the competition.

Amenities – A clean comfortable customer waiting area along with additional incentives such as coffee and free Wifi will influence customers to utilize the services of an auto repair shop.

Customer Loyalty Rewards – Offering loyalty rewards can be an extremely effective method of encouraging repeat business. People will view loyalty rewards as if they’re ‘money in the bank’. The customer will be less likely to change providers as they view it as leaving their money behind.

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Apart from the ambience and convenience, it i0s important to ensure that a repair shop is organized and has the right credentials. Do not take your car where the shop is not in order. Things easily get misplaced in a place where there is no order plus theft can easily occur since nop particular detail has been given to car parts and tools.

Organizations and Credentials

Along with researching a body shop’s reviews, you should also be sure to consider whether the facility has any credentials from nationally recognized organizations. For example, organizations such as the Automotive Service Association, provide ongoing training and certification for auto body repair professionals. An auto repair facility that is certified by a national organization will be sure to repair your vehicle to perfection.

Parts and Services

Finally, when you are seeking an auto repair facility, you may want to ask your technician about the types of parts and services that they will use on your vehicle. In order to get the most out of your auto body repairs, it is a great idea to schedule services at a facility that uses OEM parts. Additionally, a body shop with advanced repair facilities will use cutting edge techniques to restore your vehicle.

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It is advised that at times you need to take your car to a specialist. As much as this is man expensive option, think of the money you will save in the long run. Think of this comparison, taking your car to a repair shop is like taking over the counter pills after the pharmacist knows the symptoms yet there is a specialized doctor who will give you an MRI scan and deal with the root of the symptoms.

Sometimes it’s best to take your car to a specialist. Specialists cost more money initially. But because they are specialists, they often know how to pinpoint and repair certain types of problems more efficiently and effectively. Why? Because they deal with these problems every day, plus they have the knowledge, equipment, and information systems necessary to get directly to the problem.

While “Joe down the street” is floundering and replacing parts trying to correct the problem, the specialist diagnoses with laser-like accuracy. He can locate the problem and replace only the parts that are necessary. Less guesswork and fewer parts translates into money in your pocket, even though the labor rate is higher! Don’t be short-sighted!

Common areas of automotive specialties:

• Transmission and Drivetrain
• Computer, Drivability, and Electrical
• Collision Repair
• Foreign Car Repair
• HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)
• Radiator Repair & Cooling System Repair

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